Airport Security

Achieving a safe and secure airport is more important than ever. International Global Security assists airport authorities and airlines in developing intensive, security-related courses. These courses can take place at the International Global Security Academy USA or on-site at the airport. We offer standard courses as well as sessions customized to meet the airport or airline’s particular needs.

A variety of topics are covered through the courses, including:

    • Training courses for Airport/Airline security agents
    • Security supervisors
    • Security inspectors
    • Check-in & ticket agents
    • Cargo & baggage security
    • K-9 procedures
    • Tarmac/airport perimeter security
    • Using Explosive Detection Systems (EDS) and screening equipment and identifying suspicious objects in baggage
    • The use and operation of decompression chambers (cargo)
    • Explosive detection technology and techniques
    • Interdependence of the law enforcement and intelligence communities and physical security
    • Ground and sky marshals / armed security agents on planes

Special emphasis is placed on reviewing present course material and upgrading the program to reflect proposed safety and security standards taking into account counter-terrorism, the proven El Al model, and current legislation.

Airport Security Training in Florida

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