Civilian Personnel Training

There is more to security than hiring guards. Peace of mind for you and your employees is indispensable. If that’s what you are looking for, it is time to contact International Global Security. We give your employees the skills and knowledge necessary to identify potential threats and to take the appropriate measures.

Our training is based on the following:

    • Nothing is more important on the job than the safety of your employees
    • It is much easier to motivate an employee who feels safe at work
    • Employees know your work environment better than the authorities
    • Employees will help guide emergency crews to their destination in the event of an emergency
    • Trained employees are more likely to seize the initiative and help deal with a crisis
    • Trained employees can aid (basic first aid) to a person in need immediately
    • Through our Train-the-Trainer Program, employees can be turned into in-house instructors
    • Training must be designed to fit your company’s time constraints all while being as efficient as possible
    • Training employees reduces the risk of accidents and the subsequent costs to your company

Custom-made for your company’s needs, our training has benefited an array of large and small companies.

    • Factories and plants
    • Warehouses and deopt
    • Construction sites
    • Check-in & ticket agents
    • Cargo & baggage security
    • Cargo & baggage security
    • The use and operation of decompression chambers (cargo)
    • Explosive detection technology and techniques
    • Interdependence of the law enforcement and intelligence communities and physical security
    • Ground and sky marshals / armed security agents on planes

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