Event Security

With more than 20 years of experience, International Global Security prides itself on its professional approach and thorough planning. Our safety measures ensure absolute security while remaining discrete and aware of the client’s needs at all times. We are an armed security company that works closely with the client throughout the planning stage, offering security systems that provide effective deterrence, protection and prevention for the guest, property, and the venue to provide Armed Security for events in Boca Raton. Download our event security fact sheet or contact us to learn more.

Our Event Security Services that offers Armed Security for events in Boca Raton Include:

  • Security system design
  • Anti-piracy security for pre-release movie screenings
  • VIP – Executive protection/corporate events & functions
  • Undercover agent interaction
  • Film premieres – parties
  • Product launches
  • Film & TV location security
  • Concerts
  • Fashion
  • Protection of venues, hotels & residences
  • Liason with police
  • Crowd management
  • Mobile security marked vehicle assistance
  • Video & hidden camera system surveillance
  • Detection & prevention, electronic surveillance
  • Access control

Event Geographical Location:

  • Public & private venue security setup
  • Event location-wide perimeter
  • Event full location sweep
  • Coordination with neaby locations

Event Security Finances:

  • Security protocol & asset protection
  • Tickets & collection
  • Theft prevention procedures

Event Security Services:

  • First Aid & CPR-Certified respondents
  • Delivery & food policies
  • On-site emergency contacts
  • On-site signage & safety signal setup

Event Emergency Procedures:

  • Emergency planning (911, ambulance)
  • Report processes & communication
  • Incident evacuation (fire, bomb threat)
  • Conflict Resolution & Intervention

Event Security & Technology:

  • Security equipment (radio, night vision)
  • Forensic expertise
  • Computer & IP video integration

Our event security experts have years of proven experience in hundreds of special events. From high-risk settings to private venues, our armed security company provides you experts that are here for your next event in Florida. Contact us today to learn more about our safety and protection plans.

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