Financial Institutions


Banks have always been the traditional targets and at high risk for armed robbers. As banks, trust companies, and credit unions open more and more branches, the choice of targets has increased. However, statistics show that properly planned security procedures can reduce the occurrence of robberies directed at banks. Here at I.G.S. Security USA, we will design a highly efficient security system that is both cost-effective and unobtrusive. Our program consists of the three stages below:

Operational Plan

The detailed report encompasses the following:

    • Security system design
    • Corporate & executive security
    • Office & industerial installment security
    • Special investigations
    • Security department creation
    • Strategic intelligence & information gathering
    • Strategic security manuals
    • Evacuation plans & procedures
    • Information technology security
    • Detective & preventative security measures
    • Airline & aircraft security
    • Energy provider plants


The recommendations include the following:

    • Mechanism to implement solutions to most urgent problems
    • Preparation of a daily routine and emergency procedures
    • Design and integration of courses for security staff
    • Installation of required electronic security equipment
    • Implementation of computer security; hardware and software products
    • On-going supervision of the system, to eliminate possibility of efficiency breakdown

Security Proedures in Florida

I.G.S. Security USA can provide a sophisticated and efficient security system for any bank. If you are in need of security procedures in Florida, contact us today for more information on our advanced program.

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