International Global Security was Founded in 1990 by President Jacob Haimovici and his elite team. After developing a close working relationship while working with one another as security officers on various airlines, the president and his elite team decided to start their own private security company. This is how International Global Security came to fruition. In the beginning, they used their unique experience to provide VIP and special events protection. As time went on they found that their type of in-depth security training and innovative techniques were easily integrated into real estate properties such as office towers, condominiums, shopping centers, hospitals, and banks. It didn’t take long for International Global Security to grow into a large and reputable full-service company. Today, International Global Security manages over 1,000 security agents and has integrated patrol vehicle alarm responses, and security consulting amongst its field of expertise.

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International Global Security offers a wide range of services to a variety of clients in Florida and Montreal. Here at International Global Security, our goal is to provide the highest level of quality guard and patrol security services to individuals and business organizations. Contact us today to see how our services can assist you and your specific needs.

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