Mobile Patrol

Vandalism & Burglaries Have Increased Greatly.

Unfortunately, the number of vandalism and burglaries incidents have increased at an exponential rate and there is no end in sight. These crimes raise a major threat to your business. However, with the help of I.G.S. Security USA, you can protect your business from these frequent crimes.


An experienced I.G.S. Security USA. patroller will visit your business at regular intervals and check locks, doors, alarms, boilers, furnaces, timers, thermostats or any other equipment that would need monitoring. The visits required within a range of time are scheduled at random to avoid developing a predictable pattern. Patrols can be accounted for with the use of portable electronic readers which record time and location of patrols.

Alarm Response

In addition to patrols, or as an alternative, I.G.S. Security USA offers an alarm response service. Upon being contacted by your alarm monitoring company, an I.G.S. Security USA patroller will go to your location and assess the nature of the emergency and deal with it accordingly. If the emergency requires the attention of the police, the patroller contacts them and meets them at the site. After half an hour of being on site, if your emergency requires a further security presence, the patroller will replace himself with a uniformed security agent, saving you money but still providing you with protection from looters or trespassers who may injure themselves on your property and sue subsequently. In addition, our alarm response program eliminates the cost of false alarms and ensures that police respond when absolutely necessary. Our alarm response is also quicker than that of the police.

Mobile Patrol & Alarm Response in Florida

Don’t put your business at risk for vandalism and burglaries any longer. Protect your business with the help of mobile patrol and alarm response. For more information on our services contact us today!

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