Our Mandate

At International Global Security Security, we vow to carry out our values in each and every case we are faced with. We understand the importance of your safety, and the safety of others.

Our security team:

    • Addresses the problems caused by criminal acts and dishonesty and creates a mechanism that integrates solutions into day-to-day activities of people and businesses.
    • Performs an extensive survey of existing security arrangements, by identifying potential threats, locating sources of vulnerability and defining needs.
    • Tailors solutions to the organization’s requirements and to co-operate with its staff; not replace it.
    • Designs security procedures.
    • Provides security systems based on cost and performance including manpower, electronic security equipment, procedures, built-in supervision, and control sub-systems.
    • Introduces screening, recruiting, and training of security personnel.
    • Functions in a discreet manner.

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