Ports & Shipping

Shipping Companies

The shipping industry is perceived by criminals and terrorists as a “safe” target involving minimal risk.

The Tasks:

Design a highly efficient security system to hold up against theft and terrorism, directed towards the shipping industry.

The Program consists of three stages:

1. Surveys

The survey examines the following:

    • Theft
    • Personal injury & property damages
    • Hikackings

1. Surveys

The detailed report defines the following:

    • Definition of specific threats confronting the shipping industry and ports
    • Study of the present security systems, including check-in
    • Identification of problematic areas
    • Analysis of the weapons and security equipment in use by security staff
    • Analysis of the professional level of the security force
    • Risk assessment for shipping and ports
    • Development of a protection plan for ocean liners and training of employees
    • Review of the screening process and training of employees in protective security     methods
    • Development of a comprehensive operational plan for the prevention of fraud, theft and     damage to cargo
    • Recommendations
    • Plan agenda

3. Implementation

The detailed report defines the following:

    • Mechanism to implement solutions to most urgent problems
    • Preparation of a daily routine and emergency procedures
    • Design and integration of courses for security staff
    • Installation of necessary security equipment
    • Providing existing staff with skilled and experienced security officers (sea marshals), as required
    • On-going supervision of the system, to eliminate possibility of efficiency breakdown

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