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I.G.S. Security USA Event Security services

Special event management is a complex skill that few security companies, large or small, can execute properly. We understand the importance of safeguarding our client’s employees, assets, and facilities. I.G.S. Security Services brings a multi-layered approach for event security to protect the guest, property, and the venue.

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The Importance of Knowing How to Successfully Interact With All Kinds of People

Never assume you know what someone’s problem is just by what you see. You must be able to communicate with a wide array of individuals to obtain or provide information. When interacting with all kinds of people, remember that they are people first, this should help you become more comfortable communicating with them.

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The Importance of High-Rise & Multi-Tenant Residential Building Security

Tenants or condo owners in residential high-rises expect to be protected while feeling safe in their units and common areas. Establishing the right mix of comfort and security. The goal is to incorporate security measures without making them completely obvious. It’s all about providing a safe environment that feels like home.

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The Importance of Professional Patrolling Tactics & Techniques

Security guards are a human presence that add a significant complication to the plans of vandals and burglars.Your main duties are to observe, deter, record and report. Preparation for a patrol should always begin with a good understanding of the purpose of the patrol.

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The Importance of Having a Comprehensive Facility Operation & Maintenance Manual

Creating a best-practice operation-and-maintenance (O&M) program increases the efficiency of facility staff, improves building operational practices, and reduces utility costs and plays an important part in increasing property values along with revenue.

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Daily Preparedness For Security Guards

On a daily basis, security guards are often the front-line defense and emergency responders. Being prepared is essential to keep both themselves and the customers they serve safe by allowing them, immediately apply their skills and experience to tackle real-life security guarding scenarios professionally.

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Principals For Conflict Resolution

Conflict management plays an important role in providing effective security, Conflict resolution focuses on the security guard and his/her ability to recognize a potential conflict, implement a range of strategies to deflect, avoid, resolve or exit from the developing situation. Security personnel with conflict management skills have a distinct advantage when they are faced with two or more subjects who are in a heated argument.

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The Value of Private Security Companies to Property Managers & Property Owners

Properties can easily become a crime magnet if property managers do not apply professional designed security solutions and field proven security management principles. But security is not a core function for most property managers and property owners and it can be expensive if not well understood nor managed properly. Private security companies can provide value for money through proper measurement and analysis and by providing cost effective managed security services.

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