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Customers and clients coming into commercial and retail buildings often require information in oder to locate a particular office or business. I.G.S. Security USA’s Touch Screen Information System (TSIS)Version 1.0 will answer their questions at the touch of a user-friendly touch screen display.

Creator of the TSIS package Mitch Garvis explains, “We had worked with various other touch-screen directories before, and they all had two major flaws: none of them offered us the adaptability that our clients were looking for and all of them were prohibitively expensive.” Employing state-of-the-art technology, the TSIS eliminates the need to key in complex inquiries. The visitor simply has to touch an image or word on the screen and the information they need will display. The system is reasonably priced and offers the versatility of competing programs.

HTML-based TSIS is also simple to set up and maintain. A system administrator can usually learn the program in about an hour, and most clients are even experts before the two-hour, on-site training session is over. With TSIS, users can easily create and insert ads, complete with graphics.

TSIS Version 1.0 comes in English and French with additional languages ready upon installation. The network-ready feature also allows administrators to regularly update information from their person computers. Contact us at IGS Security USA to learn more about this touch screen package. Available features include:
    • Tenant list alphabetically or by company type
    • Company logos
    • Meeting listings
    • Services listings
    • Rotating HTML ads when system is idle
    • Fully customizable
    • Network-ready for administration
    • Mulitiple terminals can run off a single database
    • Mulitple floor-plans easily entered & displayed
    • Custom information pages available for each tenant, with or without pictures
    • Multi-lingual support
    • Easy to use, easy to administer

“Why would I stand in our lobby typing, preventing visitors from using the system, when I can enter the information at my desk WHILE visitors use the system? Very practical!” says one satisfied customer.

“All of our tenants are listed in our TSIS for free, but we have turned it into a revenue generator by charging for graphic information pages and logos, as well as a monthly fee for the rotating ads. Our tenants love the exposure and prestige it offers. TSIS is paying for itself!” Don’t take our word for it – call today for a demonstration in your office, and see how easy TSIS is to use, and how it can add prestige to your lobby. Don’t forget, TSIS is fully customizable, so if you have a feature in mind – ask us!

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